Day 19: The Day I Remembered To Post Another Blog Entry

Dear readers, I am so sorry I've been neglecting you.  So much has happened in the last couple of weeks!  Several amazing people have come in and out of our tour-lives, including a string of shows playing alongside and backing up our friend and songwriter-extraordinaire Jordan Hull (from whom you will doubtless be hearing more great things) and ten days singing with chanteuse/private chef Ally Pekins.  We stayed a couple of nights in our favorite city in the world at the home of The Kid Carsons, the pride of New Orleans.  We recorded sessions for Gems on VHS,  Daytrotter, SoFar Sounds, and Knoxville's WDVX.  We've played house shows, cozy small-town dive bars, parking lots, honky-tonks, and legendary venues adorned with photos of personal heroes.  We even played an impromptu show at a cigar-box guitar store for a group of dogs, little girls, and local music enthusiasts.

Through it all we've been with our road-dogs and brothers in the art of dig, The Dawn Drapes.  We spent last night apart from them and it was too much, so now we're sitting in a Starbucks in Charlotte waiting to be reunited with them.  All that, and tour is only half over!

Our new EP is officially out, so go pick up a copy at your local iTunes store, or come say hi to us at a show!