Months Later, the Blogger Resurfaces

I'm afraid I've been neglecting you, dear readers.  So much has happened since last I wrote!  The rest of our April-May tour was amazing!  We met a ton of great people, ventured to new cities, and had many adventures with our good friends The Dawn Drapes.  (Speaking of the Drapes, they put out a fantastic record a few weeks ago called "Let's Be Strangers".  I highly recommend you check it out.)  Since our return to Philadelphia, we've been playing shows, recording, writing, working on music videos, and generally living life to its fullest.  In September, we stopped by the ultra-cool offices of The Orchard (our rad distribution company) to play a few songs, both new and familiar.  Here are a couple videos.  Before we knew it, a new tour had arrived!

I'm writing now from the lovely home of some couch-surfing friends in Bern, Switzerland.  Germany and Switzerland have been breathtakingly beautiful so far, and filled with friendly folks.  Before we left, we also released the first single, "Sidecar", off of our upcoming full-length album.  The good people at WXPN premiered it on their blog The Key.  It's time for us to head downtown and explore the Old City of Bern, a place so beautiful that it has been declared a United Nations Cultural World Heritage Site.  I anticipate the purchasing of funny hats.  Until we meet again...