Spring Teeeeeeuuuuuuuuuur!

The van is gassed up.  Bags are being packed.  Hats are being chosen.  Dogs are being tearfully cuddled.  Roommates are being... tearfully cuddled (Keaton and Harry, I'm looking at you).  Playlists are being curated (Steely Dan and Tame Impala, I'm looking at you).  Tomorrow a fresh batch of touring begins!

The last couple of months have seen us release a new album and new videos to match, play some great hometown shows, and add John Hildenbrand on keys!  The new songs are sounding tight, and we can't wait to share it with yous.  Come on out to a show:



The day has finally come!  Our Daytrotter session is up!  This was recorded on our tour in May in a sweet little studio down in Nashville, and we had the excellent luck of having the talented chanteuse Ally Pekins with us to help out on the vocals.  We've done a lot of little live sessions over the years, but doing something for Daytrotter is always especially meaningful given how long they've been doing it and the wealth of talent they've helped to introduce.  The first time I heard one of my favorite bands, Dawes, was a Daytrotter from May of 2009, and from the opening guitar riff of "When My Time Comes" I was hooked.  But I digress.  We hope you enjoy our session, and also be sure to check out the one we did with our good friend Jordan Hull.


New Album! New video! New tour dates! New You!

We've got a lot going on over here in mission control, and are very happy to be able to share some of it with you finally.  First off, we can now officially announce the release of our new album, The Prison Break, on March 11.  Check out the amazing artwork below, courtesy of the Paul Carpenter.

We'll be playing a bonkers release show at Johnny Brenda's with PURPLES and another excellent band to be revealed very soon.

Also, to celebrate this announcement, we've got a music video coming atcha for Sidecar.  We made this video ourselves while we were on the road.  It represents just a small fraction of the great places we've gone and kindhearted people we've met.  A big thanks to Mike Gallagher for the editing work.

And if that weren't enough, we have new tour dates!  This is just going to be a week-long jaunt down south and back with our good friends (and Sidecar video cameo-izers) The Dawn Drapes.  These are just the first of many shows we'll be playing in the upcoming months.  Check out the dates on our tour page.

We have a lot more cool stuff to announce, but I think that's enough for now.

Flip you on the seaside.


Hittin the road again for a few days

This one's gonna be short, but sweet.  We'll be visiting a few of our favorite towns, and hopefully we'll be seeing some familiar faces.  Check out the teur poster via Curly Sideport :

I'm currently trying to teach myself German for our next trip that way.  So far I can say things like, "Gute Nacht, Kinder im Internet." (Goodnight, children of the internet)



Europe thanks and Lamp Light Festival

We are home from an amazing month in Europe. Our sincerest thanks to everyone who hosted us, gave us cheese, made us coffee that was so good it spoiled us, taught us about different ways to see the world and most of all listened so closely to us play our songs. You have made 3 little fellas very happy and fulfilled.

After a short break we will be hitting the road again. We are excited to announce that we will be back at Lamp Light Music Festival on November 8 (Grand Rapids, MI).
Every city should take note of this festival and try their best to recreate it. These guys do great work and we are honored to be involved.



Months Later, the Blogger Resurfaces

I'm afraid I've been neglecting you, dear readers.  So much has happened since last I wrote!  The rest of our April-May tour was amazing!  We met a ton of great people, ventured to new cities, and had many adventures with our good friends The Dawn Drapes.  (Speaking of the Drapes, they put out a fantastic record a few weeks ago called "Let's Be Strangers".  I highly recommend you check it out.)  Since our return to Philadelphia, we've been playing shows, recording, writing, working on music videos, and generally living life to its fullest.  In September, we stopped by the ultra-cool offices of The Orchard (our rad distribution company) to play a few songs, both new and familiar.  Here are a couple videos.  Before we knew it, a new tour had arrived!

I'm writing now from the lovely home of some couch-surfing friends in Bern, Switzerland.  Germany and Switzerland have been breathtakingly beautiful so far, and filled with friendly folks.  Before we left, we also released the first single, "Sidecar", off of our upcoming full-length album.  The good people at WXPN premiered it on their blog The Key.  It's time for us to head downtown and explore the Old City of Bern, a place so beautiful that it has been declared a United Nations Cultural World Heritage Site.  I anticipate the purchasing of funny hats.  Until we meet again...


Day 19: The Day I Remembered To Post Another Blog Entry

Dear readers, I am so sorry I've been neglecting you.  So much has happened in the last couple of weeks!  Several amazing people have come in and out of our tour-lives, including a string of shows playing alongside and backing up our friend and songwriter-extraordinaire Jordan Hull (from whom you will doubtless be hearing more great things) and ten days singing with chanteuse/private chef Ally Pekins.  We stayed a couple of nights in our favorite city in the world at the home of The Kid Carsons, the pride of New Orleans.  We recorded sessions for Gems on VHS,  Daytrotter, SoFar Sounds, and Knoxville's WDVX.  We've played house shows, cozy small-town dive bars, parking lots, honky-tonks, and legendary venues adorned with photos of personal heroes.  We even played an impromptu show at a cigar-box guitar store for a group of dogs, little girls, and local music enthusiasts.

Through it all we've been with our road-dogs and brothers in the art of dig, The Dawn Drapes.  We spent last night apart from them and it was too much, so now we're sitting in a Starbucks in Charlotte waiting to be reunited with them.  All that, and tour is only half over!

Our new EP is officially out, so go pick up a copy at your local iTunes store, or come say hi to us at a show!

Tour Time

Tour Time

Much like the Wyld Stallyns of mythology, Bill & Ted, we are setting out on an adventure, and like their's it promises to be most excellent.  From the snow-capped mountains of Delaware to the dusky plains of Tennessee, from the brownstones of Louisiana to the awe-inspiring skyline of Cleveland, we are going to see it all.  If our sojourn brings us near to you, please join our merry gang, if only for one glorious evening.  We promise good music and good company, including noted doom-step grindcore octet The Dawn Drapes and the scarlet knight himself, Dame Jordan Hull.  In the words of Jimi Hendrix, "TO INFINITY AND then just keep going, you'll see it on the left."



Hey there internet friends, thanks for checking out our new website!  We'll be using this site to roll out all kinds of cool stuff, like new music, and videos, as well as keeping you up to date with what we're doing, where we're playing, collaborations, etc.  For now, feel free to poke around and check out some of our music... Or better yet, head over to BaebleMusic to hear our brand new single "The Hardest Stone" off our new EP, "Windows Into Worlds", out April 21st.